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LATEST: Coronavirus updates from the UK


We have the LATEST live updates from the coronavirus outbreak in the UK!

The English approach was first to just let the virus go through the society. However, when they saw that it started really getting out of control and that people got really unhappy with their approach, they changed their mind to a more restrictive approach. They then imposed a lockdown, which is not as hard as the Irish but heavier than the Norwegian.

Total number of cases: 269,127. Total number of deaths: 37,837.

28 May

The UK reported 377 new deaths today, taking the total number to 37,837.

18 May

UK reports LOWEST increase in Coronavirus deaths since lockdown began.

The UK reported its lowest increase in Coronavirus deaths since the 24th of March.

Today’s numbers are 2,711 cases and 160 deaths.

9 May

UK to introduce a 2-week quarantine for all air passengers.

All air passengers arriving in Great Britain will soon have to be in quarantine for 2-weeks to avoid a second peak of the virus. This confirms Airlines UK, the trade body for registered airlines in the UK.

People arriving from Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man will still be exempt from the quarantine.

The quarantine measures will reflect those already imposed by other countries, including Australia and Singapore.

6 May

5 May

The UK has now bypassed Italy in number of deaths.

The UK has now bypassed Italy in the number of coronavirus deaths.

The UK is now number 2 in the world, after the USA.

29 April

PM to set out lockdown exit plan next week.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today that he will next week set out the government’s lockdown exit plan for the lockdown.

This could include Britons being told to wear face masks – for easing lockdown measures.

Boris Johnson also said that the UK has passed the “peak” and are on the downward slope.

“At no stage has our NHS been overwhelmed, no patient went without a ventilator, no patient was deprived of intensive care,” Boris said.

“It is thanks to that massive collective effort to shield the NHS that we avoided an uncontrollable and catastrophic epidemic where the reasonable worst-case scenario was 500,000 deaths.

“I can confirm today that for the first time we are past the peak of this disease.

“We are past the peak and on the downward slope.”

28 April

The UK reports 3,996 new cases and 586 new deaths.

The total number now stands at 161,141 cases and 21,678 deaths.

British Epidemiologist: “The number of coronavirus deaths in Sweden will soon start to increase dramatically”.

The British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson has said that the number of coronavirus deaths in Sweden will soon start to increase dramatically.

He predicted that 250.000 people in the UK would die if the UK would not impose a harder lockdown. This resulted in the UK enforcing the lockdown it has today.

A Swedish former state epidemiologist, Johan Giesecke, has heavily criticised what Neil said, describing him as being “arrogant”.

Giesecke also believes that Neil “overestimates the danger of the coronavirus” and that the UK’s lockdown strategy is “exaggerated”.

21 April

The UK death number is significantly under-reported and has now likely passed 20,000.

As of 10th of  April there were 8958 deaths by COVID-19.

However, data from shows that there were at least 10350.

In addition, the number of deaths in care homes increased by 99.4% or 2456 above the average for this period.

Most likely, most of these 2456 deaths are related to COVID-19.

1043 of these are registered as COVID-19 deaths and included in the 10350 number above, leaving further 1413 deaths in care homes that likely are untested COVID-19 deaths, taking the total number of deaths in UK by COVID-19 until 10th of April to 10763.

This is 20 % above the official number.

This gives reason to believe that real number of deaths are substantial higher than the current number of 17337.

Given that the number of deaths still is 20 % under-reported, the total number of dead in UK are now 20 804.

The UK reports 4,301 new cases and 808 new deaths.

The total number now stands at 129,044 cases and 17,337 deaths.

19 April

UK reports 5,850 new cases and 596 new deaths.

The total number now stands at 120,067 cases and 16,060 deaths.

18 April

UK reports 5,525 new cases and 888 new deaths.

This is the highest number of deaths since April 11.

The total number now stands at 114,217 cases and 15,464 deaths.

17 April

UK reports 5,599 new cases and 847 new deaths.

The total number now stands at 108,692 cases and 14,576 deaths.

16 April

UK extends the lockdown for “at least three weeks”.

The lockdown in the UK will remain for at least another three weeks, the government has announced.

This comes after the UK reporting another 861 deaths today.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is deputising for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said that:”the government has decided that the current measures must remain in place for at least the next three weeks.”

Raab has also laid out a five factors criteria that the government must be satisfied of before considering changes to the lockdown:

  • Confidence that the NHS can still provide sufficient critical care and specialist treatment across the UK.
  • The need to see a sustained and consistent fall in the daily death rate to be confident we are beyond the peak.
  • Reliable data from SAGE that the infection rate has decreased to manageable levels.
  • Testing capacity and PPE is in hand to meet supply for future demand.
  • Not risk a second peak of infection that overwhelms the NHS.

Raab further said that:

“We’ve come too far, lost too many loved ones and sacrificed too much to let up now – especially when we are now beginning to see that our efforts are paying off.”

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we are at a delicate and dangerous stage of this pandemic.”

The UK pass 100,000 cases.

After another 4,617 new cases today, the UK has now passed 100,000 cases.

The UK has the 6th highest number of cases in the world now.

The UK reports another 861 deaths, taking the total past 13,000.

The department of health has announced the increase, which takes the total to past 13,000 deaths in the UK.

15 April

The UK reports 4,603 new cases and 761 new deaths.

The total numbers now stands at 98,476 cases and 12,868 deaths.

14 April

The UK reports 5,252 new cases and 778 new deaths.

The total numbers now stands at 93,873 cases and 12,107 deaths.

12 April

The UK Government is “coming very close to lies over coronavirus deaths”, warns expert.

Professor John Ashton, former regional director of Public Health England, warns that the governemnt is coming “coming very close to lies” over the real number of coronavirus deaths.

He says that the real numbers “could be double what the public is being told.”

This is because that the UK has decided to not include deaths in care homes, homes etc.

John says that “At the moment, a lot of what’s going on in these briefings is coming very close to lies and we must prevent this from happening at all costs.”

At the moment the UK have 10,612 deaths, which means that if the real number is 2x the official ones, the real number could be exceeding 20,000 now.


The UK are under-reporting the real number of coronavirus deaths – hundreds of unreported deaths in care homes.

According to the Government’s website, the UK have chosen to almost only include coronavirus deaths in hospitals, and to not include deaths in other places, for example care homes and homes.

This means that the real number of deaths is much higher than the official numbers.

The UK government states that:

” The figures on deaths relate in almost all cases to patients who have died in hospital and who have tested positive for COVID-19. Slight differences in reporting in devolved administrations may mean that they include a small number of deaths outside hospital. “

And continues:

” These figures do not include deaths outside hospital, such as those in care homes, except as indicated above. “

It’s estimated that there are 100s of coronavirus deaths in care homes, which have not been included in the UK’s official numbers.

Care England, which represents the care homes across the UK, estimates that up to 1,000 people in care homes have died after being infected by the coronavirus.

“We are seeing underreporting of the number of deaths,” says Care UK Chief Executive Professor Martin Green.

“Deaths might not be in the thousands yet, but it is coming up to that level,” he continues.

Care England has estimated that the coronavirus may be found on half of all the care homes throughout England.

Sky News reported that a care home – Oak Springs – that is suffering outbreak of the coronavirus has had 14 deaths in the last fortnight. But, only two who were taken to hospital have actually been tested, and both were positive.

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The UK reports 5,288 new cases and 737 new deaths today.

The total numbers are now 84,279 cases and 10,612 deaths.

11 April

The UK reports 5,233 new cases and 917 new deaths today.

The total numbers are now 78,991 cases and 9,875 deaths.

10 April

The UK reports 5,195 new cases and 980 new deaths today.

This is the biggest increase in new deaths in one day so far. The total numbers are now 70,272 cases and 8,958 deaths.

9 April

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now been moved out of intensive care.

The UK reports 891 new deaths today.

The UK reports 891 new deaths today. 765 were in England, 81 in Scotland, 41 in Wales and 4 in Northern Ireland.

8 April

936 dead in the UK now.

The UK reports 936 new deaths today – the biggest increase so far. 828 were in England, 70 in Scotland, 33 in Wales and 5 in Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson still in intensive care.

7 April

Biggest increase in number of deaths in one day.

The UK reports 854 new deaths today, bringing the total number of deaths to 6,236.

UK PM Boris Johnson is “extremely sick” and it’s very likely that he will need a ventilator soon, says Medical Expert.

A Medical Expert has said that Boris Johnson is “extremely sick” and very likely will need a ventilator soon.

The Professor says that he could be given a breathing aid known as continuous positive airway pressure.

It sends a blend of air and oxygen into the mouth at a steady speed, and bridges the gap between an oxygen mask and a full ventilator.

However, many coronavirus patients often progress over to a full ventilator, continues the professor.

The full ventilator is for patients that’s so severe ill that they no longer can breathe for themselves, and are normally placed under heavy sedation. People that are on continuous positive airway pressure are still conscious.

“There is no doubt this turn of events means Boris Johnson is extremely sick.” says the professor.

It’s understood that Boris Johnson still remained conscious when he was taken to the intensive care department yesterday.

Dr Simon Clarke, a microbiologist, also says “I’ll say this to you, the NHS, particularly at this moment, doesn’t give up intensive care beds just for people to be looked over – it doesn’t work like that, even for prime ministers.”

“He would not be in intensive care unless he needed to be in intensive care, especially not at this time, and I think it’s probably about time that the press people in Number 10 started levelling with us about what his condition really is.”

We’ll keep you updated as soon as more information comes!


6 April

BREAKING: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care now.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now been moved to intensive care after condition worsens.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as more information comes!

The UK reports 3,802 new cases and 432 new deaths.

The total numbers now stands at 51,608 cases and 5,373 deaths.

Boris Johnson stayed at hospital overnight.

5 April

Boris Johnson expected to stay overnight now.

GP Dr Ellie Cannon has said that still being ill after 10 days “is probably a red flag if he still has symptoms”

“Until you are fully better you are not out of the woods.”

It’s not known if Boris will stay at hospital over night or not.

The admission is said to be a precautionary rather than emergency measure.

BREAKING: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson taken to hospital.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now been taken to hospital after persistent high temperatures and not recovering from the coronavirus after 11 days.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as more information comes!

Almost 200,000 tests made in the UK so far.

The UK have done 195,500 tests so far.

The UK reports 5,903 new cases and 621 new deaths today.

The total numbers are now 47,806 cases and 4,934 deaths.

4 April

Boris Johnson’s pregnant fiancee now has symptoms of coronavirus

UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s pregnant fiancee, Carrie Symonds, is reported to have symptoms of coronavirus. She has not been tested however.

She writes on her twitter:

“I’ve spent the past week in bed with the main symptoms of Coronavirus. I haven’t needed to be tested and, after seven days of rest, I feel stronger and I’m on the mend.”

Boris Johnson is currently in self isolation after having been tested positive for the coronavirus.

5-year-old among the 708 new corona victims in the UK.

The Department for Health has confirmed that a five-year-old who died today is the UK’s youngest person to die by coronavirus.

The child is reported to have had underlying health conditions.

Before today, the youngest victim was a 13-year-old boy.

3,735 new cases and 708 new deaths in the UK.

This takes the total to 41,903 cases and 4,313 deaths.

3 April

Biggest increase in the number of deaths so far.

With 684 new deaths today, the UK have seen its biggest increase so far. The death rate now stands at 9,4%.

4,450 new cases and 684 new deaths in the UK.

This takes the total to 38,168 cases and 3,605 deaths.

NHS Nightingale due to open later today.

The new hospital NHS Nightingale in the London’s Docklands is due to open later today, just 2 weeks after the work started on it.

The facility will be used to treat coronavirus patients, who have been transferred from other intensive care units across London.

With 80 wards, it’s the largest critical care unit in the world.

It’s estimated that 16,000 members of staff will be needed to run the hospital.

2 April

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has set out astrategy to achieve a significant increase in testing for coronavirus. The UK plans to test 100,000 people a day until the end of April.

This comes after 569 new deaths today.

A 13-year-old boy died has died in the UK by Covid-19. This was announced by King’s College Hospital in Camberwell, south London. He is the youngest victim to have died in the UK.

4,244 new cases and 569 new deaths in the UK, taking the total to 33,718 cases and 2,921 deaths.

31 March

19:16 GMT A 19-year-old with no underlying heath conditions died today in the UK.

19:11 GMT The UK reported 3,009 new coronavirus cases and 393 new deaths today, taking the total number to 25,150 cases and 1,808 deaths.

30 March

20:36 GMT The UK currently have 22,141 cases and 1,408 deaths.

20:35 GMT We start this liveblog now!

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