Friday, July 10, 2020

Far-left Antifa VANDALISE house of a Swedish politician

The house of Irene Svenonius, a politician for the center-right party moderaterna, was VANDALISED by the far-left group antifa.

“This is a heinous crime. Threats and violence against elected people are attacks on our democracy and must never be accepted,” says the Party Secretary Gunnar Strömmer in a comment to the newspaper Expressen.

Antifa themselves have taken responsibility for the attack.

They have uploaded a photo of the vandalisation on their website, with the text “Resign Irene Svenonius”.

Svenonius has also re-posted a picture of this to her Twitter account.

After the attack, Svenonius has received support from other politicians on social media.

A politician for the Social Democrats wrote:

“Received information that Irene Svenonius’s house has been vandalized. Disgusting. Threats to elected politicians are very serious and can never be tolerated.

Hope you and your family are doing well under the circumstances Irene Svenonius.”

This is not the first time the far-left in Sweden has been proven to be violent.

Earlier in 2019, a right-wing politician was attacked by a far-left extremist in his home. The politician was at home with his kids when someone detonated an explosive device on his front door.

In September 2019, a far-left extremist was arrested after finding 2 bombs.

Irene Svenonius’ twitter account. Link can be found here.

Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen is the founder and main writer for Latest from Europe. He is a Swedish photographer and the author of 5 books.


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