Friday, July 10, 2020

Reasons for joining free-speech platform Parler

As the censorship against conservatives continues on the leading social media platforms, many conservatives are now finding alternative social medias where they can express their opinions freely. One of those who have gained most users recently is Parler, which has now over 1 million users.

Parler was founded in 2018 by John Matze as a free-speech alternative to Twitter. It is quite similar to Twitter in functions, where people can follow, comment, repost and like posts by different users.

So why should you create an account with Parler as well along with your other social media accounts?


Parler is a free-speech platform who values your freedom to expression. You are free to express your opinions, without fearing censorship. On Facebook and Twitter, many conservatives are experiencing censorship, and many have even been banned for posting so called “racist” posts. On Parler, you will NOT get censored or banned for posting conservative opinions. You are free to express your opinions.


Many conservatives on Twitter are experiencing big problems with their engagement rates. This is often due to what is known as shadow banning – where Twitter downrates your tweet. Thus less people see it, and you get less likes, retweets and comments. The good news is that Parler don’t – you get a much higher engagement rate on Parler. And by that you also gain more followers.


Parler is a growing platform. Over 1 million people are already using Parler, and the number is growing for every day. A lot of well-known profiles have already joined Parler. This includes Eric Trump, Rand Paul, Katie Hopkins, Ted Cruz, Brad Parscale, Ron Paul and many more.


Parler is as mentioned before in the article similar to Twitter. You can comment, repost and like posts from different users. There’s also a feed like on twitter, where the posts of the users you’re following are shown. And of course a notification page. Hashtags are used a lot as well. Parler is also great for reading news, where several big news sites can be found, including Breitbart.


Parler is strongly against the Silicon Valley giants’ “technofascism”, where they violate peoples’ privacy by collecting and tracking data. Parler does not do that, and is committed to protecting users’ rights.


Make sure to sign up for free-speech platform Parler today at:

I’m on Parler as well. You can find me at or @paulimanuelsen.

Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen
Paul Imanuelsen is the founder and main writer for Latest from Europe. He is a Swedish photographer and the author of 5 books.


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